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Lumina Jewellery is a family enterprise, created in 2008 by Sara and Picky Saund, based on direct and fair trade of silver jewellery and gemstones.

The desire to work creatively and ethically together led Picky and Sara to meet with a chief silversmith and a long-term acquaintance of Picky’s while on a trip to India. The couple hit it off instantly with the silversmith and he and his team and began creating stunning silver and gemstone jewellery to be sold back in the UK – Lumina Jewellery was born!

The idea behind Lumina Jewellery was to focus on providing a fair price for beautiful high-quality silver jewellery, rather than buying sackfuls of the cheap, low-quality silver jewellery found so often in the UK.

Instead of aggressively haggling down prices and putting pressure on poorer Indian workers, Lumina Jewellery have always been proud of building personal relationships directly with the Indian jewellery makers to enhance their lives while maintaining the focus on the quality of the jewellery.

The jewellery makers set their own price based on the time taken to make each piece and the amount of silver and precious stones used. This means that there is never a pressure to simply “get a piece finished”, leaving the craftspeople to dedicate as much time and attention as necessary to perfect each and every piece.

This very personal relationship – going beyond just that of silver jewellery supply – also drives Sara and Picky to support the Indian jewellery crafters in their daily lives. Whether that’s making changes to the workshop to make things more comfortable and easier for the team, or buying a motorbike to make their transport quicker, easier and less stressful.

Lumina also endeavour to support their team of craftsmen during times of personal difficulty (family illness or death), and for more joyous occasions too (marriage and the birth of children!)

For us it is about more than just selling jewellery, it is about an entire ethical way of living and working together as a family and as responsible global citizens. –  Sara Saund

Find out about Lumina Jewellery’s membership of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops.

If you have any questions about any of the jewellery you find here, then please write to sara@luminajewellery.com or call 07894 336917. Also, if you do not find what you’re looking for then get in touch – we are happy to work together with you to create your perfect piece.