Ammonite with Pearl Earring


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Ammonite  Earring

Origin – Madagascar

Metal – Sterling Silver

Ammonites are a symbol of abundance and are believed to attract and store wealth and prosperity. They also enhance clarity and promote cooperation along with encouraging wisdom in decision making. Many feng shui masters believe that ammonites contain the absorbed knowledge of the universe. The ammonite’s spiral pattern in the centre of the fossil mimics the path that the universe’s forces must follow
in space. Stored in the inner whorls of the animal, plasmic energy radiates out in this centrifugal motion for the benefit of those in the vicinity. This cosmic energy will enhance health, wealth and enlightenment.
“Ammonite may enhance the flow of Qi or life force energy throughout
the body and may reduce the body’s toxicity. A continuous harmonious
balance of natures five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood)
is evident within the naturally occurring vibrating colours embodied
by the ammonite. This rainbow of energy may benefit people who place
or locate the stone within a home or office environment, especially
when they are placed upon the heart of the home or business. Strength
and power radiate from the shell. It is believed by some that the
shell has the ability to transpose negative energy into positive.”

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Weight 9.4 g
Dimensions 4 x 2.1 x 0.6 cm

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